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USED Weaving Loom, Spinning Wheel Specials & Discounts

Considering a spinning wheel purchase?  

Hand Spinning and Rigid Heddle Weaving Lessons Available.

New Spinning Wheels For Sale      Questions about Weaving Looms

Price for Used Equipment assumes Paid with Cash.  If using card or Paypal add 3% Bank Fee

Selling Gently Used English & Western Horse Show Tack

60" 8 harness Cranbrook Loom and Bench. 

Built by Norwood Looms, Freemont, Michigan. (built early 1990's)   Cranbrook loom is now built by Schacht Looms in Colorado.

This gently used loom includes a sectional warp beam and the original manual.    Bench is nice and wide, has side pockets and hinged lid storage area.  Added a tension box rail and refinished the bench.   This loom is very versatile, ideal if you wish to weave linens, blankets, rugs or fabric.  Optional:  Tools required for sectional warping.   Tension box, spool rack.

Currently set up in my loom room.  And could have a project currently being woven.    In order to move it needs to be disassembled.   Will fit in back of 8' pick up, unassembled wrapped in moving blankets.    Loom and Bench $5000     Schacht loom tools: tension box and spool rack ($819).   Will sell for $500 with purchase of loom

Changes since photographed.  Tension box rail added.  Bench has been refinished.   New this loom and bench is over $10,500, plus the cost of freight from Colorado.   See details on a New Cranbrook

The Cranbrook loom is internationally recognized for its strength, balance, and superb craftsmanship. It is widely considered to be the finest countermarche loom ever made. The loom was originally designed over sixty years ago by Loja Saarinen, the founder of the weaving program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. First built by John Bexell and later by his son Bert, the Cranbrook loom was made in recent years by Norwood Looms until Schacht acquired it in 1996.   Loom Assembly PDF File

Below is a new Kromski Minstrel which I have hand rubbed a dark walnut Watco wood finish.    It is really hard to photograph a really tall spinning wheel.   Click Here to shop new spinning wheels Sampling of some new equipment below
Glimakra Emilia Emilia Accessories Emilia on Stand Emilia Side View

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