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Elizabeth's Fiber & Yarn Store

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Handspin Yarn, Knit, Crochet, Weave, Felt or Craft

Located in Buckley, Washington - on the Foothills of Mt Rainier


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#Special Order. Schacht Bobbin Winder Manual
Single End pictured on left.
Manual bobbin winders are belt driven, have self-lubricating bronze bearing, and are available in single-ended and double-ended models.
The single-ended winder has a tapered shaft that will accommodate a variety of bobbins up to 6 long.
The double-ended winders can be used for bobbins, pirns, and a variety of large-flanged spools up to 9 long.
A clamp incorporated into the design of all of our bobbin winders means you'll never have to hunt around for a C clamp again.
If you already have a double end hand winder, the tips for winding lace bobbins are available.
The lace winder is the same as the double end hand winder, with tips that will hold a lace or tapestry bobbin rather than a shuttle bobbin.
The single end hand winder cannot be converted to wind lace or tapestry bobbins.

Double End model is stocked.
All other styles expect ship delay. If you need rush, leave details in message box when ordering.

Select: Single End $124.00
Double End $180.00
Double End Lace Winder $192.00


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