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Elizabeth's Fiber & Yarn Store

Supplies & Ideas For those that Handspin Yarn, Knit, Crochet, Weave, Felt or Craft

Located in Buckley, Washington - on the Foothills of Mt Rainier

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*Ashford Turbo Kit polycord drive belt
Minimize treadling effort & improve grip with this poly cord drive belt.
Kit includes 2m (78Ē) of 2mm diameter polycord which is sufficient for both Traditional & Traveller single drive, Kiwi, Country Spinner spinning wheels. Cut & join to suit your wheel.
The polycord drive belt will give you and your wheel a boost. Makes treadling easier with low drive belt tension. Less friction on the wheel and flyer bearings. More traction, especially on the smaller flyer whorls. Easy drive belt adjustment - set and forget. Makes plying a breeze, especially with chunky yarns.

Hereís how you fit your new Turbo kit:
Ensure the maiden bar is set to itís lowest point. Place the polycord drive
belt around the wheel and largest pulley on the flyer Mark the polycord where it is just the right length without stretching it.
Note: Do not make it tight. Cut off the excess polycord with a razor blade, sharp knife or scissors
and save it for future repairs or adjustments
Before joining, place the cord back around the wheel
Hold the two ends close to the base of the flame of a candle or gas
lighter until the ends start to melt. The flame at the base is cleaner and results in a clear joint
Then quickly press the ends tightly together in the groove in the wooden fusing block. Hold firmly for about 30 seconds or until the polycord has cooled Use a razor blade or nail clippers to trim off the excess material around the joint
Adjust the tension knob so the polycord tension is as loose as possible without actually slipping

Also available for specific model ready to go, follow link below to wheel parts.

If inventory not indicated, expect ship delay.

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