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'Ashford Special Order Wheel Parts
Wood parts are unfinished unless indicated lacquered.

Special Order is not in stock. If you need your part ASAP. Add the Expedite order charge of $15 when ordering. This order fee is a one time charge. This allows us to order your part right away from the U.S. Ashford distributor.

If you do not add this fee, your order will be held until the next time we order stock. This could delay your order up to 4-6 weeks.

Indicate wheel model, single or double drive If you wheel is over 10 years old, indicate approximate date of manufacturer. Most parts are only available for models currently manufactured.

Select: Maintenance Kit $30.00
5 Cotton Drive Bands $12.00
Polycord Drive Belt, specify wheel $21.00
Adjusting Board $10.00
Adjusting Knob (drive band) $10.00
Scotch Tension Knob $14.00
Scotch Tension Knob Kit $21.00
5 Nylon Brake Bands $10.00
5 Tension Springs $15.00
12 Flyer Hooks $7.00
Jumbo Orifice Reducer Bush $6.00
Jumbo to Std Flyer Bearing Bush $5.00
Flyer Bearing 1/2 front $5.00
Flyer Bearing 1/4 rear $5.00
Flyer Bearing 3/4 Jumbo $5.00
Maiden Upright, 1/4 flyer bearing-rear $22.50
Maiden Upright, 1/2 flyer bearing-front $22.50
Jumbo Maid Upright w/Jumbo 3/4 bearing $24.00
Maiden bar assembly $52.00
Wheel only, Traditional $210.00
Traditional wood Conrod $10.00
Tension Pin/Hub Pin $3.00
Crank, single treadle $26.00
Leather for Conrod $5.00
Flexible Conrod Joint $4.00
Flexible Conrod Joint, black $4.50
5 E-Clips, metal retaining clip $9.00
5 O-clips, nylon retaining clip $9.00
5 O-ring, for sliding hook flyer $5.00
Sliding Hook 10mm, standard $8.50
Sliding Hook 14mm, Jumbo $9.00
Sliding Hook 25mm, Freedom flyer $13.00
Allen Key, Hex Wrench 4mm $3.00
Whorl, double drive flyer $22.00
Elizabeth threading Hook $14.00
Joy threading hook, lacquered $18.00
12V adaptor cord Electric Spinner2 $42.50
Clunky Wheel Kit $75.00
Doffing awl for drum carder $26.00
Drum Carder cleaning brush, lacquered $37.00
Blending board brush, lacquered $34.50
Polycord drive belt for drum carder $21.00
Pair Clamps for drum carder/RH loom $26.50
Expedite Order $15.00

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