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#Special Order. 'Ashford Finish Teak Wax
Easy to apply with soft cloth. Gives a nice natural finish that protects the wood. Recommended by Ashford Handicrafts to use on their unfinished wood spinning wheels and accessories. Enhance the natural beauty of the Silver Beech timber with this premium wax polish. Includes Scotch Brite Pad.

Special Order is not in stock.  If you need your tool ASAP.  Add the  Expedite order charge of $15 when ordering.   This order fee is a one time charge.  This allows us to order your tool right away from the U.S. Ashford distributor.    

If you do not add this fee, your order will be held until the next time we order stock. This could delay your order up to 4-6 weeks.  

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Expedite Order $15.00

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