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#Special Order. Ashford Wheel Bobbins
Two styles: Standard bobbin for single drive wheel or Double drive whorled bobbin.
Ashford Joy and the Kiwi wheel uses single drive bobbins.
Ashford electronic uses single drive jumbo bobbins.
Elizabeth uses a double drive bobbin.
Traditional or Traveller wheel uses either a double drive or single drive bobbin, depending on your wheel style.
Bobbins are unfinished, unless specified clear lacquer. Unfinished bobbins recommend applying Ashford wax to preserve the wood.
High speed bobbins, used on double drive wheel with high speed whorl and flyer, follow link below for details.
Lace bobbins are used on single drive wheels. Lace flyer and whorl, follow link below to order.

Slider hook bobbins Fit the new sliding hook flyer. For details on the new Slider Flyer, enter "Slider Flyer" in search box, upper left.
Single Drive Standard Bobbin Single Drive Lace Bobbin Single Drive Sliding Flyer Bobbin Single Drive Jumbo Bobbin Country Spinner Bobbin
Double Drive Bobbin High Speed Double Drive Bobbin Double Drive Sliding Flyer Bobbin Double Drive Jumbo Bobbin  

Unfinished unless lacquer (clear factory finish) is indicated.
Unfinished wood recommend finishing with Ashford Teak Wax.

Ashford Special Order over $200, expect 1 week ship delay. Under $200 could be up to 4 weeks.

Select: 2 Single Drive $26.00
2 Single Drive-lacquer $33.50
2 Double Drive $29.50
2 Double Drive-lacquer $37.00
2 Double Drive High Speed $34.00
2 Jumbo single drive $32.00
2 Jumbo single drive-lacquer $46.00
2 Jumbo double drive $39.00
2 Jumbo double drive-lacquer $48.00
2 Single Drive Sliding Flyer $28.50
2 Double Drive Sliding Flyer $35.00
2 Single Drive Sliding Flyer-lacquer $40.50
2 Double Drive Sliding Flyer-lacquer $45.00
Country Spinner 1 $72.00
Country Spinner 2 $72.00
2 Joy 1 lacquer $33.50
2 Joy 2 lacquer $40.50
2 Kiwi Super Flyer Bobbin $54.00
2 Kiwi Super Flyer Bobbin, lacquer $72.00
Teak wax $29.00

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