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Elizabeth's Fiber & Yarn Store

Supplies & Ideas For those that

Handspin Yarn, Knit, Crochet, Weave, Felt or Craft

Located in Buckley, Washington - on the Foothills of Mt Rainier


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#$5 Off. Piecework Magazine on CD

Enjoy PIECEWORK MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed.  This CD is so slick! You get knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery  inspiration at your fingertips. You just pop in the CD and enjoy the ease of navigating through an entire year's worth of Piecework.  PC or Mac compatible. 

PIECEWORK 2006-2007    2 YEARS - 12 ISSUES

January/February 2006 Aprons – Vintage is Chic

March/April 2006  Stitch a Miniature Garden, Penny Rugs,  Collecting Treasured Towels

May/June 2006  Needlework for Your Celebrations

July/August 2006  Knit Estonian Mittens, Uzbeck Dowry  Cloths, Paisley Motif

September/October 2006  2nd Annual Quilt Issue

November/December 2006  Christmas Ornaments, Crocheted  Buttons, Lace

January/February 2007  Special Knitting Issue: New Takes on Old Techniques

March/April 2007 Knit, Crochet, and Stitch with Silk

May/June 2007  Costumes, Norwegian Knitting, Learn to Tat

July/August 2007  Discover Saris, Slippers, and Shawls

September/October 2007  3rd Annual Quilt Issue

November/December 2007  Vintage Handbags, Timeless Textiles,  Period Pincushions

PIECEWORK 2008-2009    2 YEARS - 12 ISSUES

January/February 2008 - 2nd Annual Historical Knitting Issue

March/April 2008 - Metal-Thread Embroidery, Knitted Lace, Loop-Manipulated Braids

May/June 2008 - Create Extraordinary Lace

July/August 2008 - Pincushions, Crocheted Lace, Schoolgirl Samplers

September/October 2008 - The Special Quilt Issue

November/December 2008 - Knitted Wedding Gloves, Shirred Rugs, Holiday Gifts to Make

January/February 2009 - 3rd Annual Historical Knitting Issue

March/April 2009 - Textiles for Historical Reenactment

May/June 2009 - Amazing Lace

July/August 2009 - A Special Travel Issue with “Travel” Sized Projects

September/October 2009 - The Miniatures Issue

November/December 2009 - Crochet Challenge, Cross-Stitched Slippers


January/February 2010  The 4th Annual Historical Knitting Issue features Miss Money’s Patterns, an exclusive Barbara Walker pattern, and instructions to knit a chain-mail hood. Enjoy mitten designs from all over the world.

March/April 2010  Explore everyday textiles. View an extensive potholder collection with companion vintage patterns to knit; learn how to make the world’s very best afghans with the Weave-It loom. Discover Anna Samens touching story of knitting for survival.

May/June 2010  In the 3rd annual Lace Issue, find six beautiful lace projects and learn the history of Dresden lace embroidery. Discover German designer Herbert Niebling’s lace knitting.

July/August 2010  Homage to samplers: crochet, bobbin lace, knitting, sewing, and embroidery. Learn how to make bobbles in your knitting and how to make a crochet sample pillow to show off your work. Plus, see student samplers from early twentieth century Colorado.

September/October 2010  Our first Literary Issue reveals what Miss Marple would knit along with nine other literary-inspired projects.

November/December 2010  Celebrate thread and discover how to crochet a Russian lace shawl. Find out what Beatrix Potter’s other legacy is, and trace the history of silk.


January/February Knitting:  Socks, Scarf, and more

March/April Discover Color in Textiles

May/June The extraordinary story of Lace.

July/August Elegant Italian Ribbons-Step by Step

September/October PieceWork is proud to present it's 2nd Literary Inspired Issue, filled with needlework inspired by classic stories.

November/December  Berlin wool, Egyptian socks, Icelandic wool, Valuable Sheep & Wool

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Current Stock 1 2011, 1 2010, 1 2008-2009, 1 2006-2007 in stock.
Issue: 2006-2007 $24.95
2008-2009 $24.95
2010 $14.95
2011 $14.95

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