Spinning Wheel Parts

Example is Ashford Wheel

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Traditional Spinning Wheel

Part No. Name
1 Drive wheel
2 Drive band
3 Crankshaft
4a Conrod
4b Conrod Joint - nylon/leather
4c Conrod Clip
5 Treadle assembly
6 Wheel supports
7 Side rails
8 Single leg

Single Drive Flyer Unit

Double Drive Flyer Unit

9 Single Drive Flyer
10 Single Drive bobbin
11 Drive band tension knob
12 Brake band tension knob
13 Brake band
14 Spring
15 Threading hook and tape
16a 1/2" Maiden upright
16b 1/4" Maiden upright
17 Flyer whorl
18 Maiden bar
19 Flyer hooks
21 Double Drive Flyer
22 Double Drive Bobbin
23 Double Drive Flyer Whorl


Parts List for Ashford Products,  Be sure to indicate type of wheel when ordering.  Wood parts are unfinished.  Not all parts are stocked, expect ship delay 2-3 weeks.  No returns on parts.  Click here to order parts
Wheel only for Traveller,  1
Wheel only for Elizabeth,  1
Wheel only for Traditional, 1
Drive Band, cotton   2
Drive Band Joy Wheel , poly cord  
Drive Band Kiwi wheel, poly cord  
Drive Band Country Spinner, poly cord  
Adjusting Board (bottom maiden bar)  
Adjusting Knob, drive band 11
Scotch tension knob  12
Scotch tension knob kit  12,13,14
Whorl only for double drive flyer  23
Maiden upright 1/2", flyer bearing - front  16a
Maiden upright 1/4", flyer bearing - rear split  16b
Maiden upright 3/4", flyer bearing - front for Jumbo  
Flyer bearing maiden upright  1/4" (rear slit)  
Flyer bearing maiden upright bearing 1/2"  (Front)  
Flyer bearing maiden upright , " (front for Jumbo)   
Maiden bar assembly, single or double drive wheel  
Wire Threading Hook  15
Wood knob Threading Hook   
Wood knob Threading Hook (lacquer finish)  
Flyer Hooks 19
Flyer for Traditional or Traveller single drive 9
Flyer double drive and whorl  
Joy Flyer  
Kiwi flyer and whorl  
Whorl for double drive flyer 23
Crankshaft 9001010, indicate wheel, 3
Conrod for Traditional 4a
Conrod Joint,   leather 4b
Conrod Joint,  flexible 4b
Tension Pin, Hub Pin  
e Clip 4c
O ring  
Allen Key - Hex wrench  
Single leg for Traditional